There’s nothing worse than having to rely on the kindness of friends, family and coworkers (and maybe even strangers!) to get to work after you’ve had an accident and your car is in the shop.


Purchasing rental car coverage can solve that problem, but there’s a few things you need to know.

1. It’s optional.

Rental reimbursement coverage must be purchased separately. Many people think that auto insurance automatically covers the cost of a replacement rental car.

2. There is a limit.

You have to choose the limit of coverage when you buy this optional coverage. A typical limit is 25/750 which will pay up to $25 a day for no more than 30 days ($25 times 30 equals $750. If you normally drive an expensive sports car, make sure you but the higher limits available. You likely would be happy getting stuck driving a Honda Civic for a month.

3. Your vehicle must be in the shop due to a covered loss.

Rental car coverage doesn’t apply if your car just happens to be in the shop for repairs. It has to be out of service because of a covered loss.

4. Don’t buy the coverage “at the counter”.

For the most part, when you have collision and comprehensive coverages on your auto insurance policy, it transfers automatically to the rental vehicle, so you don’t need to purchase additional coverage from the car rental agency

5. It costs less than you might expect.

One year of rental reimbursement coverage will typically cost less than one day of rental car expenses.


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