The average cost of a data breach in 2018 in the United States was $ 3.86 million at an average of $148 per breached record, according to a study by IBM. 

Cyber risk is not just something that large Fortune 500 companies need to worry about. It can affect all types of organizations, both large and small. Whether from a highly-advanced outside attack on your systems, or the simple act of a disgruntled employee stealing a laptop, your business is at risk.

What is Cyber Liability Coverage?

Cyber Liability can protect your business from the risk to your tangible and intangible property. Cyber protection can include customer names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, health information, and even the threat of a virus.

Hurley Insurance can offer Cyber Liability policies that include several important coverages that can protect both you and your customers. We have coverage limits from $50,000 – $2,000,000 available. This is Cyber Liability at its simplest – we give you all the coverage in every tier, you just choose the limit!

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