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Bicycle Safety

As we head into spring that means children and adults alike will be getting out their bicycles and hitting the sidewalks and streets. It goes without saying that when bikes and cars collide, the bicyclist loses.

The number one thing you can do to reduce your, and your child’s, risk of injury is to wear a properly fitting helmet. Sizes can vary tremendously between manufacturers, and don’t forget, your child is still growing and may need a new helmet each season for the near future.

Younger children should ride on sidewalks, as long as that is legal in your community. Older children shouldn’t be allowed on the roads until they demonstrate an understanding of traffic laws and have ridden safely on the streets with their parents.

A bicycle is considered a vehicle in most states and needs to follow all traffic laws – riding on the right side of the road. No passing on the right. Obey all signs and signals. Don’t remove reflectors and when riding at night always have a working headlight.

And if you’re driving, please take a moment to remember that you are sharing the road with bicyclists. They have a right to be there, and it’s your responsibility to give them space and allow them to travel on the road as well.

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