Life happens fast. Things change quickly and sometimes you’re scrambling to catch up. Oftentimes, your insurance agent is the last person you think to call, if you remember to call us at all.

Below are just a few situations where a quick call to us can help make sure you are properly insured and possibly save you trouble and money.

1.) Your teen starts driving. Always a stressful time, we can help prepare you for the insurance implications and provide you with some tools to help educate your teen.

2.) Getting married or divorced. Both are stressful situations that cause a lot of change. We may need to make changes to your policies to make sure you are both covered properly, in either situation.

3.) College student going off to school. Depending on the situation, they may need their own policies. We can help you make sure.

4.) Buying or selling a car. You have a very limited amount of time to report a new car purchase and if we aren’t aware of a sale, we can’t remove the sold vehicle from your policy.

5.) Changes to your home. Whether it’s a room addition, a remodel, a new roof, installing an alarm, adding a swimming pool etc, it’s important we’re aware of it. We may need to make changes to your policy, and might even be able to save you money.

6.) Starting a business in your home. You homeowners policy will have very little or no coverage for your new business and it’s materials.

7.) Bought or inherited something expensive. Jewelry, art, collectibles, etc. There may be limited coverage under your homeowners policy, so we may need to add these items.

8.) Bought a trailer (utility, boat, etc). There *might* be some coverage for the trailer under your homeowners policy, but it’s possible there isn’t. Best to let us know.

9.) Bought a an RV, 4 wheeler, boat, dirtbike etc. These usually require a separate policy.

10). If you’re ever just not sure.  Give us a call. We’d be happy to talk it through with you and let you know what your options are. It’s what we’re here for.



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